Beginnings Chapter 1

River Song (Doctor Who)

River Song (Doctor Who) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study of the scripture of an alternate universe, where ancient revelation is supported by modern science. And where it is rational to believe in the existence of a being capable of having left a teapot orbiting between Earth and Mars. Even here  the existence of the teapot is an empirical matter – one that can only be decided on the basis of evidence.

(1) In the beginning the Time Lord visited the heavens and the earth.  (2) And the earth was molten and void of life. Darkness covered the earth . (3) And there was  River Song; the strong, breasted and very womanly spirit of the Living Time Lord. (4) As the Time Lord watched the darkness cleared and there was light.  And the Time Lord saw that the light was day and the darkness it was night. (5) And the morning and the evening were the first day.

(6) As the Time Lord watched a mist rose from the earth, and separated the water filled clouds from the waters beneath. (7) And the Time Lord saw that the mist was  atmosphere. (8) And the morning and the evening were the second day.

English: Pangea animation

English: Pangea animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(9) As the Time Lord watched, the waters under the atmosphere gathered together into one sea and a dry continent appeared. (10) And the Time Lord saw that the dry land was Pangaea and the sea was Panthalassa. (11) Then as the Time Lord watched, the land brought forth flowering plants – herbs and fruit trees bearing fruits with covered seeds.  It brought forth grass also. (12) And the Time Lord saw that it was good. (13) And the morning and the evening were the third day.

(14) As the Time Lord watched an asteroid, the mighty Lucifer, fell to earth and everywhere was darkness and death. (16) Then the two great lights appeared and the stars also.  (17) They shone through the atmosphere.  (18) The greater light ruled the day and the smaller the night. (19) And the morning and the evening were the fourth day.whale eye

(20) As the Time Lord watched the water brought forth the moving creature that breathes and water fowl flew above the earth, in the open firmament of the atmosphere.  (21) Time passed and the moving creatures, became great whales and other thinking creatures that breathe, and birds increased in the earth. (22) The Time Lord spoke to the whales and other living creatures, but with the fowls he could not speak. (23) And the morning and the evening were the fifth day.

cave painting of wild cattle


rabbit and sun

a lagomorph.

(24) As the Time Lord watched grassland spread, and the earth brought forth upright apes, cattle, lagomorphs, and creeping beasts of prey.  (25) The cattle brought forth after their kind, as did the lagomorphs and creeping beasts of prey, but of the upright apes only  humankind remained. (26) And the Time Lord saw in humankind the image of himself.  (27) And the Time Lord saw that humankind had dominion over the fish of the seas, and over the fowl of the air, and over all the cattle, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (28) And the Time Lord spoke to humankind and said, “If you rule wisely, you will live long and prosper, and the earth will sustain you till the sun and moon are no more. (29) You will eat freely of the herbs bearing seed, and of the fruit of every tree.  The earth will also sustain the creatures in your care. (30) And the Time Lord saw that everything was good. (31) And the morning and the evening were the sixth day


It is widely accepted on the alternate earth that science has been able to confirm the accuracy of the origin myth of a widely held belief system  -Teapotianism.

On the alternate earth, Ireland has been united for about 400 million years, ever since the formation of Pangaea.  The collision that united Ireland, raised the Appalachians in America, and produced the great crack that is Loch Ness in Scotland.

The flowering plants and grass did not appear on earth until after this collision.  It has been known for many years that flowering plants evolved in the Age of Dinosaurs.  It is only recently that evidence for grass has been discovered in fossilised dinosaur dung.  This has been hailed by leading Teapotian, and Oxford Professor for the Public understanding of Science, Richard Dawkins as a victory for the predictive power of Scripture.

The darkness after Lucifer fell is implicated in the death of the dinosaurs and the great sea, and sky reptiles.  This left niches in the sea, sky and land ready to be filled by birds and mammals.  Modern type whales and birds appear  in the fossil record of the alternate universe, before modern type land animals, which are associated with grassland.

The grassland habitat spread when the climate changed, and it is on these grasslands that the upright apes (hominids) appeared.  Humankind in the alternate universe is the last of the upright apes.

Richard Dawkins in his role as Professor for the Public Understanding of Science has argued that of course Beginnings Chapter 1 is falsifiable.  “Rabbits (lagomorphs) in the Precambrian would blow it out of the water.”

Of course Dr Dawkins is not simple-minded enough to believe in the actual existence of either River Song or the Time Lord.  He argues that Occam’s Razor is the way to truth, and the simplest possible interpretation of known facts must therefore be the truth. Beginnings Chapter 1 was written in the bronze age, and he claims there is no way that this degree of  scientific accuracy could have been obtained by primitive tribesmen, even if they had the help of their women folk. He therefore concludes that they must have obtained outside, i.e. extraterrestrial help. But as he says in his book, The God Illusion, the Time Lord is too godlike a figure to be real, and time travel produces to many paradoxes to be possible, therefore we have to conclude that Beginnings provides evidence that alien scientists once visited the earth and left evidence in the writings  and cultures of ancient civilisations  for their existence.


The followers of NOMa, have got serious concerns about the above interpretation, arguing that scripture and science exist as Non Overlapping Magisteria. They are concerned that the scientists may have been unduly influenced by their exposure to scripture, and that  findings such as grass in the time  of the dinosaurs and the evolution of modern birds and whales, prior to modern cattle and humans may have been unduly influenced by this exposure. 

Harvard Professor Stephen Gould had other concerns. He argued that Beginnings is a work of human knowledge and creativity, and that in giving credit to the Time Lord and River Song for inspiring it, we are failing to give sufficient credit to the original authors of this work. He argued that all the co-incidences between Beginnings and modern science could be explained by human knowledge and coincidence, and that there is therefore no need to invoke extraterrestrial help. Of course he made these claims before it was known that grass existed in the age of dinosaurs..

N.B.  While Beginnings is part of Teapotian scripture, it is much older than the Teapotian belief system, and originated with an earlier, and some would say more black and white belief system, that of the bronze age, Whovians.  William Hartnell as Doctor Who


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